On the occasion of Milan’s 51st International Salone del Mobile (16th-22nd April 2012), Frankie Morello has decided to pursue the “Meets Art” project by encountering the spanish artist Maximo Riera.

The exhibition will take place at Frankie Morello’s boutique, located in Corso Matteotti 3, starring the first three artworks of “The Animal Chair Collection” project.

The Octopus, the Walrus and the Rhino will be previewed during the italian Design Week.

The three chairs, made of polyurethane, have been created using the innovative CNC (computer numerical control) process, one of the most modern techniques now available.

This trial, conceived and created by the artist himself in collaboration  with 9JH May, English company that produces software for Ferrari, Zaha Hadid, Chanel, allows to transpose and to directly cut in 3D the sketches of the artist on blocks of subject, maintaining the absolute fidelity to the original one. 

Through his artwork, Maximo Riera celebrates both the natural and the animal world, stressing the importance of an harmonic relation with the human being, “one of our privileged themes” declare Pierfrancesco Gigliotti and Maurizio Modica.