A theatre show that enjoyed enormous national success.

Fabio Canino, the principal actor, is still celebrating – with his best friends – the birthday of who perhaps best embodies the notion of a living TV legend: Raffaella Carrà.

Frankie Morello took part in this “FIESTA”, producing the costumes for the entire production.

A play by Roberto Biondi written in collaboration with Fabio Canino and Paolo Lanfredini, always ready to astonish and draw in the audience in an exhilarating talk show, different every evening, in which the public chooses between three possible finals.

The show takes place within a single evening as three friends meet up, as per every year, to celebrate the birthday of Raffaella.

All of this in the desperate attempt to find a different emotion, an ideal, but the years slip by for everyone; only for Raffaella does time seem to stand still. And as the years pass, the lives of the protagonists become increasingly stereotypical, locked into a cliche that characterises them, highlighting all the possible defects that, paradoxically, take on the aspect of virtues within a totally exhilarating picture.