The FRANKIE ATTACKS parties stand out as being the evening events held during the Milan fashion week that are most well-known to the general public.

They were presented in the official calendar for three seasons and saw the number of visitors double each time: from 1000 in the first edition to almost 4000 in the third.

The evening never became outrageously unconventional, but was marked by strong irony, and we like to define it an after-show performance party entirely organised by Frankie Morello.

The evenings were arranged like a true entertainment, with famous presenters, such as Fabio Canino, for instance, for the first edition, and some members of LE IENE subsequently, and with a succession of displays by performers of international level.

Underlying this idea was an activity to find and win over the public, aiming to rediscover forms of clean fun, musical research and entertainment, all in pure Frankie Morelli style – extravagant and wild, rich in colour and irony and lots of pure talent.

Among the guests in past editions, we take pleasure in noting LADY KIER, from the DEE LITE – an icon of the 1990s – SPEKTRUM, an exceptional dance group from London that has NEVER appeared in Italy before now, the BLACK PETER GROUP, an independent London-based artist on a promotional tour for the first time in Italy who has gained a great following for his displays, and also KAP BAMBINO, a French duo from the new wave/ post punk scene, who indulge in offering breathtaking extreme live performances.

The KCTV, aka Kenny Campbell and Tatu Vuolteenaho, with their artistic cast firing up the coolest parties in London: their live performances and the DJ sets of Tatu are famous and do not limit themselves to the performances: their work ranges from styling to design and art overall.

AMANDA LEPORE, singer and performer and a well-established POP icon. Her images, arising from her collaboration with LaCapelle and CAZWELL, producer and singer and performer with UP in New York, are memorable. And finally, there were the STROBOMONSTERS.

Rounding off the whole were a series of special contests such as, for example in the first edition, the competition for DJs, the winners of which had the opportunity to show their skills during the evening. The second election saw the election of MISS MAGLIETTA BAGNATA (Miss Wet T-shirt), and the third edition saw a prize going to the best GO GO BOYS.